Cross Bracing Protocol and ACL in the Media

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Study debunks longstanding medical myth that a torn ACL can't heal

Ursula Malone,
ABC news

Personal trainer Danyelle Anderson ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in her right knee during a kickboxing class. “My whole world came crashing down, pretty much,” she said.

She was told by an orthopaedic surgeon that it wasn’t possible for her ACL to heal and that a surgical reconstruction was needed.

Reluctant to have an operation, she decided to see if her knee would improve with physiotherapy. Three months later, a follow-up MRI showed her injury had gone from a grade three complete rupture, where the ligament is torn completely in half, to a less severe grade one tear, where some of the fibres are continuous.

“So basically, my ACL has reattached and is healing,” she said.

May 1, 2024

Researchers take a step towards less invasive ACL injury therapy

Emily Rice,
9 News
Anyone who follows sport will know what the dreaded phase “ACL tear” means. When an athlete “does their ACL” it often means at least a year on the sidelines, or may even end an athlete’s sporting career.
But now Associate Professor Stephanie Filby, with the help of Dr Jane Rooney, is researching the benefits of a less invasive way of potentially treating ACL injuries. Her focus is a therapy called the “Cross Bracing Protocol” which was originally developed by the late Dr Mervyn Cross and his son Dr Tom Cross based in Sydney.
March 25, 2024
9 news logo

Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal - The Cross Bracing Protocol

Stephanie R Filbay, Jane Rooney, and Tom Cross,
Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal
Irrespective of management with ACL reconstruction or exercise-based rehabilitation, the long-term prognosis for patients with ACL injury is poor. Around 50% of people develop knee osteoarthritis within 10 years of ACL injury.
February 22, 2024

Pioneering knee surgeon Merv Cross – who was on speed dial for everyone from Kerry Packer to battling park footballers – has passed away after a long battle with lung disease.

Andrew Webster,
Sydney Morning Herald

Pioneering knee surgeon Merv Cross – who was on speed dial for everyone from Kerry Packer to battling park footballers – has passed away after a long battle with lung disease. He was 82.

A former rugby league forward for South Sydney, Eastern Suburbs and North Sydney, Cross revolutionised keyhole surgery and arthroscopic ACL reconstruction for some of the world’s greatest athletes.

February 22, 2024

Bend the Knee - the Game changing procedure for athletes with ACL injuris

Andrew Webster,
Sydney Morning Herald
Under the “Cross Bracing Protocol”, patients “bend the knee”, which isn’t a Game of Thrones reference but instead relates to the knee being set in a brace at 90 degrees for four weeks before being progressively straightened over a 12-week period.
February 22, 2024

NBC News: Is surgery necessary to fix torn ACLs? A new study suggests that’s not always the case.

Liz Kreutz,
ACL tears are one of the most common injuries for athletes and often they undergo surgery to reconstruct the ligament. However, a new study suggests a non-operative treatment could be an effective alternative. NBC News’ Liz Kreutz shares more.
February 22, 2024

New paradigms in ACL injury management?

Jane Rooney,
Sports & Exercise Physio
Jane Rooney considers recent research into the management of anterior cruciate ligament injuries, including a novel bracing protocol, the topic of her talk at the IGNITE 2023 physiotherapy conference.
April 22, 2023

Kann ein Kreuzband ohne OP heilen?

Jonathan Häußer,
Sports and Medicine (Germany)
Der Kreuzbandriss ist eine häufige Sportverletzung. Die Standardbehandlung ist eine Operation, bei der das gerissene Kreuzband durch ein künstliches ersetzt wird. In den letzten Jahren haben jedoch immer mehr Studien gezeigt, dass bei bestimmten Patientengruppen auch eine konservative Therapie zu guten Ergebnissen führen kann.
March 22, 2023

Explosion of women's ACL injuries in Australian sport is just the 'tip of the iceberg' fear medical experts

Chloe Hart,
ABC news
Matildas superstar Ellie Carpenter’s career was almost derailed when she suffered an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury playing for French club Olympique Lyonnais last year. “I was quite shocked, more than half of the (Olympique Lyonnais) players had sustained an ACL injury in one competitive season,” Dr Shatrov told ABC Sport. “That’s extraordinary for the top women’s football team in Europe and got me worried about what was to come in Australia.”
February 22, 2023


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