Wafa's Story

Patient: Wafa is 31 years-old and it’s been 10 months since her football boot studs got stuck in the mud, causing her knee to twist and “give way”. Wafa works as an orthopaedic scrub nurse, so knew to get medical attention and an MRI referral as soon as she could.

After discovering that her ACL was ruptured, Wafa looked at conservative, non-surgical ways to heal her injured ACL. Her physio suggested she consider the Cross Brace Protocol. After consulting with a Sport and Exercise medicine physician, she was pleased to be considered a good CBP candidate, and could start the Cross bracing protocol straight away, just 4 days after her injury.

Wafa found the first few weeks tough, as she missed her independence. She had injured her right knee, so couldn’t drive. Her sister moved in to help with chores, and Wafa acknowledges that her support network of family and friends are what got her through.

Wafa worked in the clinic, moving around on a stool with wheels. She continued to go to the gym to work on her upper body, and went to her physio twice a week. To help minimise muscle loss and assist in her recovery, she increased her protein intake, which she continues to this day. She’s been happy with some weight loss on her high protein diet, as this will take some pressure off her knee.

Advice Wafa gives to others:
  • Use a bolster cushion under your knee
  • A stool with wheels is a great way to get around your home or at work
  • A knee scooter helps with independence and is a bit of fun
  • Wait the 12-months before returning to sport

When Wafa could start bearing weight, she started to walk everywhere, often covering more than 20km in a day, as well as hitting the dance floor on weekends (always in her knee brace!). Wafa plans to return to football next year, but in the meantime she stays involved by coaching her team and joining them on their straight-line running drills. She is now training for the City-to-Surf run – which is a very long straight-line run!


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